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Gone West

Electric Slide, Electric Horseman, Slappin' Leather
Country 2 Step ウォークスルー
Mamma Maria, Por Ti Sere, Cowgirl Twist
6 8 12 ウォークスルー
How Long, Have You Never Been Mellow
Rita's Waltz

Memphis Grace, I'm So Hot Hot Hot, Train Swing
Say Goodbye, Mas Que Nada, My Own Hero
Funky Paradise, (Geek) in The Pink, Yes M'am No M'am
Bounce Back, Make It Through Another Day, Somebody Like You
Dance on My Island, Dare To Dance

Cowboy Sweetness, Over The Moon, Lonely Blues
Simply The Best, Dig Deep, Mad Crazy Love
Honky Tonk Mood, Lonely Lovers, Sucker
Country Bump, Legend, Shot of Tequila, Rock It
Get Drunk Get Loud, L.I.L.Y, Bedroom Cha
Waiting For A Long Time, Senorita La-La-La / Chacha Senorita
Bonaparte's Retreat, Down To The Roots, Something That You Want

Get Wild, Salsa Person, Body Swing, Diamond Wings
Shotgun Girls, And I Love You So, Make You Feel My World
Under Paris Skies, Besame Mucho
Little Liza Jane, Bosa Nova, Badda Boom Badda Bang
Groovy Love, I Close My Eyes, Don't Cry On My Shoulder,
Good As You, Drop Snap,
Doors of Life, Trickle Trickle, Yeah!


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