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[130] どすこい!勢津子部屋

投稿者: まみっちともっち 投稿日:2021年 2月11日(木)23時55分15秒  通報   返信・引用   編集済

3/19 我孫子市民プラザ
4/16 南太田フォーラム
5/21 未定
6/18 未定
7/16 川崎てくのぷらざ

2/19 Lily's Room 勢津子部屋、お疲れ様でごわす!

Valentine (Lily)

Lovey Dovey(ともち)

All of Me, When You Smile, Gotta Good Feeling
Dancing Fever, Take A Picture, Big Bang Boogie
Lonely Drum, Brings You Happiness, Loyal Brave True
Sweet Attraction, Jerusalema, Save Your Kisses
Liquid Sunshine, Hometown Heart, Hello Dolly
One of Us, Do Si Do, Ale Ale Ale (F.S. Hello Dolly)
Bonaparte's Retreat, グッチ、Half Past Tipsy
Together But Apart, Such A Fool, Noting But You
Hurts Like A Cha Cha (Stroll Along Cha Cha)
Senorita La-La-La (Chacha Senorita)
Bosa Nova, Sweet Caroline, Validation
Lucky in Love, Moses Roses Toeses, Shot of Tequila
Thank you Very Much, Drink Drank Drunk, Sadness
Dance Elita, Country in 3, A Few Shots, Keeping Me Alive

Double Birthday Cha



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